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Warranty Service Center

Exceptional customer service starts with an exceptional call center staff, and that is just what we have in our Uniters Service Center. Our customer service representatives have 6 plus years of furniture warranty experience. Additionally, our customer service representatives have participated in the IICRC certification training program for leather and fabric. This certification program is a part of their customer service training which qualifies them to provide customers with professional cleaning and care advice. We are staffed with multi-lingual representatives for English, Spanish and French. We have a qualified management team and a dedicated claims resolution team that review each claim to ensure they are being handled efficiently and with care.

Technology also plays a central role in making our Uniters Service Center run like a Swiss clock. Our claims management process is digitally coordinated with a state-of-the-art Client Relationship Management (CRM) System (BRAINS). Our CRM system allows us to process claims more efficiently and effectively, and provides all clients and consumers with a transparent view of the entire claim administration process on a real-time and remote basis. Our InContact (UCN) Telephone System is another component that puts our Uniters Service Center on the cutting edge of the call center industry. It provides easy-to-use customized call flows which are designed to get you where you need to go fast without the lengthy on-hold delays most systems put you through.

From top to bottom, our Uniters Service Center is committed to providing prompt customer service and true satisfaction. That is our Pure Promise to you.


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